Retinal Detachment

Retinal detachment is a serious eye disease and lead to several visual losses.

To understand the retinal detachment is necessary to know that the retina detached is the membrane formed by neuroglial cells (neuro-sensory retina) that cover inside the eyeball and adhered totally to the ocular wall, where are the other layers of the retina. (Photo 1).
When there is a rupture or formation of a hole in the neuro-sensory retina, begins the flowed of liquid from the globe cavity through the opening (rupture or hole) creating a new space between the sensory layer and pigmented epithelium retina (eye wall).
The treatment of retinal detachment is summarized in three steps: 
1 - closing the rupture retina
2 – creating an adherence
3 – and removal of sub retinal fluid. Different techniques and equipment are used to achieve this goal.

The correct treatment of retinal detachment allows the recovery of visual function, but usually there are losses in relation to preview vision.


figure - superior retinal detachment